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OFFER: Learn and Earn

You are invited to Learn & Earn on the OpenExO Academy 3.0 platform, a beginner guide to key concepts of cryptocurrency, blockchain, plus ExO Economy transactional tools including how to download an online wallet, get technical support, and start sending/receiving your first tokens.  

Signup Page and Support Details:

Learn & Earn FREE COURSE:

If you complete the course, you can earn 50 EXOs to spend in the Community Marketplace.


Angelo has the dream of creating multiple Crypto-Villages that are:

A solution for affordable housing + sustainable living
A solution to develop rural | remote destinations
Self-sufficient, low impact and sustainable work, live, play destinations
Scalable to global destinations to support the transformation to decentralized finance, work, and way of life
Early adopters can invest with as little as US$1,000 backed by the blockchain to get:

Work-on-demand in crypto-mining and crypto-education on location
Access to a central asset pool – the shared ownership of leveraged assets including land and crypto-mining machines
Access to multiple Crypto-Ville residential and workspace locations
Or, if you are a Community Leader connect with Angelo about developing a local live-work-play Crypto-Ville that supports your people to make a global impact and make the transition to a digital economy smarter, faster, and easier than ever before imagined.

For fun, you are also encouraged to take a trip to Coinco, Chile to meet with Angelo and his family to experience the beta-development first-hand.

Click here to learn more about Academy 3.0 with ExO Economy

Academy | ExO Economy

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