If you’re part of an innovative organization, chances are you already are – or will soon – use digital tokens. But tokens have been around from the dawn of civilization. How does it play out in real life?

Around the modern parent’s household, the subject of ‘too much screen-time’ is a real, often-found problem. Screens meet newer values of fun, community, learning more than they ever have before – doing so often at the cost of other important traditions. Leading tokenized economy developer, Kent Langley, in this example, seeks to use tokenomics principles to create mutual ground with his sons, eight-year-old Oliver and 5-year-old Christopher, for whom avid gaming was the high priority.

Exchanges between designers and buyers; audiences and publishers; exchanges between communities. Tokenomics – the science of shaping the supply and demand of digital tokens in relation to its platform – fuels all of it. In the face of industrial and economic disruption, how we use tokens is taking a new shape.

The future of tokenomics is stored over the blockchain – like the cups in this offline example. Cryptocurrencies and other tokenized economies are fast becoming the decentralized means to trade value.

It is also why we’re building a singular, global community linked to exponential technology. The Exo Economy is open and enabling purpose economy builders at all levels. Visit, where you can exchange products and services for EXOs tokens and join the OpenExO Ecosystem with others such as Visa and Gucci, to collaborate on high growth initiatives in our transforming world. 


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