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How to Book Accommodation in the Domes, Chile

For members of the OpenExO Community, take advantage of this limited time only Marketplace opportunity:

Pre-purchase for 100 EXOs on the OpenExO Marketplace Pre-purchase for $US 100 on the OpenExO Marketplace Available for purchase to 30 June 2022; and can be redeemed anytime over next 24 months to 31 Dec 2023 subject to availability Use any Fiat or other Cryptocurrency to book Stay in Domes, Chile.

Check availability and rates starting at $US 115 on Google, then book direct with Angelo Host Angelo will confirm your reservation and provide crypto transfer details via email or phone message to complete booking. While most cryptocurrencies listed on are being accepted, here are some of Angelo’s top tokens:

EXOs | RUTANIOs | BitCoin | Ethereum | LiteCoin

Click here to learn more about Academy 3.0 with ExO Economy

Academy | ExO Economy

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