Her Story
The story of Island17 was ignited in late 2016 when Kyle Piorkowski met Cody Gould, Heidi Cuppari, Summer Gould, Ashley Kulik, and Dana Pauzauskie, initial co-founders of Dream Tank, a social enterprise accelerator for youth, and introduced them to Virtual Reality and the book / story Ready Player One. The idea of the Oasis and a global “easter-egg” contest was magical, and it stuck in their heads.


Over the years, VR was integrated into the  Dream Tank programming to expand minds and enable more creativity to flow, which yielded limitless ideas and results. Then, we met Yu-Kai Chou and watched his Ted Talk: Gamification to Improve our World. We learned how a gaming mindset is beautifully trained to solve any complex problem from different perspectives.

So we began testing the design of SDG-related video games in Dream Tank, and Cody showed great interest in creating an Oasis type metaverse that solved global challenges around the world with other players. He worked with two wonderful mentors, Phoenix and Debi, to create the initial world prototype for the virtual Burning Man in August 2020. Later, he worked with Fahad Bubshait and other amazing mentors in the Dream Tank braintrust ‘jedi’ council. He named the game and helped create the cut scene and storyline. Kyle came back as our Chief Imagination Officer and put his vision into a game engine, and the Island17 Metaverse was born.

How can you help? We are seeking passionate world-changing people to enjoy and support our SDG driven Meta-game. We are dreaming big and building an EPIC experience for YOU. Roles available at https://dreamtank.co/island17-resources/


 Click here to learn more about Academy 3.0 with ExO Economy https://economy.openexo.com/academy/


Academy | ExO Economy https://economy.openexo.com

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